A long time coming

I have been working on this book of poetry for ten plus years now. I have been striving for perfection for the past six. What do I have to show for it? More than a few journals full of poems that have hardly ever seen the light of day. My daughter is about to be four in a few months. I will be thirty-two a few months after that. My gift to myself is publishing this book.

To get myself going I created this flyer on Canva.

While I was taking my fiance to work this morning, I realized, if I don’t put something out there, I never will. Seriously, how long am I going to hold on to a dream of publishing books, if I don’t complete the process? There is no such thing as perfect. I know this but I don’t seem to remember when it comes to self. I have always encouraged others to live their dreams. To chase the rainbow so to speak. Still, I am perched on the same porch as they achieve the things they set out to do.

I will wait no more. What’s something you have put off for a long while? Do you still want to do it? What course of action will you take?


Today I’m not okay.

Life is stressful, love is stressful, being parents is stressful…shit writing is stressful (excuse my language). My fiance works his ass off so that I can stay home with the threenager (who is off to school in two weeks). Today is the day before payday, and we are at our last everything. In all honesty, the only reason we are going to storytime today is because of the free l unch. We will survive, this isn’t the first time we’ve had more month left than money. The difference this time is my aunt is dying, and I am not handling that great at all.

I feel drained and helpless. Still, I get up to handle my wifely and motherly duties. I try not to let my perceptions compromise my reality. I have my writing schedule for the day, but I don’t think I’ll be doing much writing after this post.

I will write tomorrow. Today I’m not okay, and that is okay too. It’s okay mama bear, we need days off too. Days off from everything. So I take my day, but tomorrow I will write. I will write for life, for love, I will writ for my baby. I will write to my auntie. But today the stress is too much, and I’m calling in sick.

What is Mommy Writes Too and why it came to be.

A resource for writing moms, trying to get back into the swing of writing full-time.

  • Here you will find acceptance- we all fudge up

  • Guidance- we are trying to figure out our new writing normal.

  • Encouragement- That’s it mama bear, you can do it! We can meet our writing goals, be bosses, and mom’s too.

Momming ain’t easy, and neither is writing a book!

What is the point of this blog:

I created this blog because I need help. Help, with what you might ask. Writing. I need help getting back into it. My daughter Marley is almost 4 now. Time flies when you’re having fun. Before I met her dad and had her, I was writing every day. I was collaborating with other poets and writers on Facebook and other platforms. Life got a little hectic. I kind of lost myself for a bit and didn’t write much, if at all.

Now with the encouragement and support of my family, I write. I will keep writing. I will publish my work. I hope in helping myself, that I encourage you and support you.

The Threenager vs. The Author

Let the games begin! In the red corner standing three foot six and 40 pounds. Marley! In the blue corner, at standing at five foot eight, weighing in at, none of your business, Momma!!!! Let’s get ready to rumble.

Let me tell you, I have been itching to write all day. The kid just fell asleep, and I am so happy. I love her, but today was battle of wills. She won most of the day, but I win night time, everytime. SI have been mulling over poems for weeks now. I finally have enough to get a better feel of what I which will make the final cut. There were a few things we had to do this morning, and they got thrown off by unforeseen circumstances. Still I planned on writing. Then lunch came. The threenager wasn’t having it. She wanted to see how far she could get today. I showed no further than her bedroom door, but that wasn’t enough to tame her. Still I planned on writing, and editing. Now as I sit here tired, and ready for bed. I want to write. I have a few moments of quiet. She’ll be up in a few hours to go to the bathroom, and try to get me to come sleep in her bed. I oblige her, but I am writing right now.

I have so many ideas for content. I have been looking at the best strategies to make the best of your time. Things I want us to try together. Today was rough. It didn’t go as planned, but I’m sticking with it. I am going to publish this poetry book. Then I am going to finish my novel. I get overwhelmed sometimes managing the house. At the end of the day, or in a moment of quiet, the last thing I want to do is edit my work. Or try and write something new. I am going to start committing that time to writing. I have to or I’ll never this book. So, let the games begin, and let’s get to work.

So moms, let’s make a deal to plan and get the writing done. My next post will be the beginning of a series on finding the time to write.

Let me know what you think about this post, and share any tips you have found to work for you.

Happy Writing

Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Kendra and I’m a procrastinator. I procrastinated writing this first post. I am the mother to a wonderful threenager, who is currently going on forty. I am engaged to her amazing father, who works my last nerve. Still I couldn’t see myself being with someone else. I have been writing since I was in the third grade. It was a hiku about butterflies. It was hung on the wall outside the class. I had never been so proud of myself at that time. Published some poems on various websites throughout school and college. Including having a poem featured in poetry.com’s coffee table book. Those moments mean a lot to me, but not as much as the other cool things I have been doing.

Things like find the love of my life and having the most beautiful little girl in the world. I have renewed my love for writing. It had gotten real dark for awhile, but the sun has begun to rise once again. I am happy.

I decided back in high school to write a book. Fast forward thirteen years after school. Add a man, and a now four year old. Yeah, I’m a little off my target. Still this year I decided I would hold myself accountable. Plus I figured there has to be more procrastinators out here. Surfing the web like I do looking for inspiration. I hope that I can provide that, and the tips that I learn along the way. Hey why don’t we learn together.

So join me as I finish my book and love my family.

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